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Mushroom night lamps with natural crystals

Bracket fungus is a kind of mushroom that grows on living or dead trees.

When dry, it has wood like qualities and can be used in many ways, for instance, we fuse it with natural crystals and wood to make a night lamp that looks both natural and magical.

Each and every crystal is hand picked and carefully fused with the fungus and is lit by LED lights.

We have preserved all natural colours and rugged yet clean surfaces. Combining these unlikely materials we have created a one of the kind night lamp which emits ambient crystal light pleasant both for the eyes and the soul.


Shroom in the Room
specimen-01-zoom (2)specimen-03-zoom-very (2)visos+ (2) specimen-02-bendra RED-closeup+ 10-(3)++ 10-(2)++30 (2) 4+