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Music Improvised Art – Series 1

This is a series of my original paintings where emotions i feel in the music was painted out.

Every piece of it was done during a mental breakdown during my darkest times. They were breakouts of feelings translated into beautiful colors and patterns. That’s how music has helped me.

I was dealing with mental health issues, I was depressed and suicidal,
all those emotions inside me kinda burst out of my chest when I first listened to that version of weathered,
so I decided to paint it out!

Now that I’ve transformed the paintings into pieces of clothings, the musicians are basically wearing their own piece of music!

Can you spot the musicians? ;)

Check all the songs that inspired the paintings in the link below.


Weathered by Jack Garratt#1 WeatheredJack Garratt


Grow by Frances#2 GrowFrances


Holding On To You by Twenty One Pilots#3 Holding On To Youtwenty one pilots

Fellow Feeling by Porter Robinson

#4 Fellow FeelingPorter Robinson

Superheroes by The Script

#5 Superheroes

The Script