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Music posters for BWFº

Music posters for BWFº.

I present a collection of music posters for St. Petersburg wine bar Big Wine Freaks. Our cooperation has been going on for 3 years. During this time I have developed the identity of the bar and created more than 300 music posters.

All posters are completely different, made in different techniques. Letters written “by hand”, bright colors causing the images that have come somewhere far away in the subconscious. To support the concept of the bar, we wanted to get an emotional graphic design of the new time, free from prejudices and completely freed from vulgar glamour.

Music posters for BWFº

Posters are used to announce weekly music events in social networks – performances of famous St. Petersburg DJs and jazz teams. Based on the style of posters I developed a style of music label of bar residents. In addition posters were decorated with a wall in the wine bar.




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