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My Art…My Life

My name is Glauco Minarchi, i was born and always lived in a very little place, Casabona near Crotone, Calabria,

and i think much of my art came from the problems you have to face whenever you’ll try to change something in the South.. I refer to myself as a Simbolist/surrealist but as you’ll see there is much of classic in my paintings..i like to do it at the old manner..a lot of preparatory drowing, normally with red or blue ink pen..then the drowing on the surface, normally with brown pastel and finally brush of every dimension to spread the oil or tempera colors..in some cases, to give volume, i use a little  “spatola” like a wall maker (sorry for my english)..i like to say that “Real Art of any kind, really anticipate times…” read my open letter in my website if you please and enjoy my artwork!0006-NATURA-MORTA-3-60x90-olio-tempera-su-tela 0053-LULTIMO-RIBELLE-100x120-olio-su-tela 0048-FERMARE-LATTIMO-100x120-olio-su-tela 0047-LANGELO-DELLA-SOLITUDINE-100x120-olio-su-tela 0044-IL-TRAGETTATORE-DI-SPERANZE-100x150-olio-su-tela 0036-LANNO-CHE-VERRA-100x150-olio-acrilico-su-tela 0037-EDEN-100x150-olio-su-tela 0040-CAVALLI-..LA-MONTA 0035-PENSIERI-80x120-olio-tempera-su-tela 0028-MARINA-SURREALE-80x100-olio-su-tela 0023-TALEBAN-70x120-olio-su-tela 0031-CLONE-100x120-olio-su-tela 0019-PROFONDO-SUD-70x100-olio-su-tela 0013-PAESAGGIO-85x110-Olio-su-tela 0012-MASCHERE-80x120-olio-su-tela 0001-AGAVE-60x80-olio-su-tela 0010-MARINA2-50x70-Olio-su-tela 0002-TRAMONTO-2-ALLA-FINE-50x70-olio-su-tela 0013-NASCITA-60x80-olio-su-tela 0010-ANGOLO-DEL-PORTO-A-CROTONE-50x70-olio-su-tela 0005-AMBIENTE-1-60x80-olio-su-tela composizione-florealewww.glaucominarchiartista.com