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“Heaven Caress”

I had to leave you too soon,Mom…
Up here I feel your every tear and thought.
You should know I’m always thinking of you and one beautiful day we meet again and never let go!!!
Mom, don’t cry because it makes me sad…
I’m in heaven with God and lots of angels… I feel unconditional love and it’s great.
Mom, promise you are not going to cry?
God does exist, He is here!!!
He is magnificent and beautiful if only you knew how he loves us all…
Entrust him with your pain and mourning , let Him guide you!
Pray,Mom, because I can hear you then like you are next to me.
Just know where you are right now it’s only tiny moment of life and here where I’m it’s eternity without death and pain…only unconditional happiness and love…
I’ m here next to you, I don’t know if you can hear me but I’m here, Mom. I’m.