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My best pictures from historical persian monuments.

In this albume you can find a selection of my best pictures from historical persian monuments.

which is including mosques, bathes, palaces, churches, traditiona houses and many more.
You can download all of these images in a zip file here:

Tomb of Cyrus the great, Pasargadae

Tower and also a Symbol located in Tehran .Shahyad means in memories of kingdom and after islamic revelution its changed to Azadi (means freedom )

Tabatabaiha house, Kashan

Nasir al-Mulk mosque pnorama, Shiraz, #Iran

Nasir al-mulk mosque , Shiraz

Columns, Carpets , Colors and the Light
all in nair al-mulk mosque, Shiraz

St. Thaddeus Monastery at night, north western Iran

Emamzadeh Hasan,this place of Worship is located in the height of 2700 meters, near Alasht, northern Iran

Private palace of Cyrus the great, Iran

Vank Cathedral, Isfahan

Chehel Sotoun palace ( literally: “palace of Forty Columns”) is located in Isfahan. built by Shah Abbas II to be used for his entertainment and receptions. This Image is showing the Ceiling of it`s main hall.

Jameh mosque of Yazd

Ceiling of Emam( Shah abbasi) mosque, Isfahan, Iran

Jameh mosque of Yazd

Dome of seyyed mosque, Isfahan

Ceiling of Safi o din Ardeblili, Ardebil, Iran

Eram Garden, Shiraz

Golestan palace

Ceiling, Golestan palace, Tehran

Kordasht bath, north western Iran

Vakil mosque, Shiraz


Vakil bath, Shiraz

Vakil bath, Shiraz


Mohammad Reza Domiri

Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji ,

24 years old Photographer and Physics student from northern Iran, interested in Panoramic and Architecture Photography.
I have been taking photos for 5 years, and have learned much through talking to other photographers, sharing my pictures and receiving feedback, and watching tutorials on the internet.
Most of my pics are Covering very Wide angle of view (show Entire Building in one Picture ) and also they are High Dynamic Range. for me light is very Special element in Photography .

I always try to  to illustrate stunning features of buildings along with the details in architecture photography through artistic standpoints.

My latest photography collection named “Historic Persian.Islamic monuments and Temples” has been  been exhibited and seen worldwide.


get in touch with me by following or messaging my fb page : http://fb.com/fisheyepov