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My Chai Tamaasha

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I have let myself be drawn by the strong pull of what I love to do…draw and paint.

I am self-taught and learn and get inspired by the things around me.

I am obsessed with the magic of color and adore pattern. I am mesmerized by different cultures, their dress and their adornments. I also create environment friendly art by recycling things. I love to experiment with found objects and recycle them to turn them into a thing of beauty. I started making art on/with humble teabags which otherwise would find their way in trash. The process of making art from teabags is just like meditation. I have to slow down and acknowledge the little yet precious moments in my life. I used this zen like teabag language to satiate the artist within and celebrate interconnectedness with people of the world

The desire beneath my heart…art has helped me blossom into the happy and creative artist I am today. I am absolutely in love with what I am doing and I am in it with all my heart!

I strongly believe that “Life is about using the whole box of crayons”.

I pour my heart out at my blog…Beneath my heart…Art.