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Ewa Pietrzak 02

A city in the Art World is a very extensively used subject. In the moment, when I realized the advantages of the knowledge achieved on architectural studies, I felt that I must use it in my paintings. While Designing and sketching i’ve created cities of my own, which then became painted from different perspectives. With painting I am expressing the emptiness and the solitude caused by the internal divide of both of my passions : architecture and painting. Emotions of emptiness pointed me at such artists as: Chirico, Escher and Huculak who helped me sort out my thoughts and anabled me to plunge even more into my world. They helped me to understand solitude as the emptiness of surroundings in which I exist. Experiencing a new and unfamiliar town gives us an impression of total anonymity. The birds eye perspective is the most suited view for me, creating perfectively the feeling of loneliness. I am trying to show my vision of a city stripped off everything what we know and is close for us. I am allowing myself to make mistakes, such as slight curved edges and changes in the view or accidental splashings of paint. It is aimed to create a certain illusion of a perfect city in which as we are getting closer, we notice small innacuracies. Such trifles are very important, since as details in architecture, they are adding human scale in this described by me geometrical world.