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My Surreal Illustrations Of Women And Birds | Dániel Taylor

Dániel Taylor.

I change my style fairly often. This is because I get bored of doing the same process over and over again and I like to explore more and get out of my comfort zone. I’m not sure if this is a good thing as people may not recognise my work instantly when they see it.

Anyway, in these images I tried to merge flowers with birds, and bodies of women. Sometimes I left them colourful but I always had a thing for black and white images. They look great on the wall, and even though it lacks colour, it still creates a sense of warmth and comfort… For me at least. Hope you guys like these!




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Dániel Taylor

“Dániel Taylor’s works never ceases to amaze us. If the artist does not hesitate to vary the graphic techniques and kind of compositions, from black and white double exposure to colorful collages, he remains faithful to the figures that inspire him such as nature, cosmos, animals and feminine beauty.” – Daniella, Fubiz

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