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A R T I S T.

An 18 y/o aspiring female artist. Pen and paper are my greatest companions. ✉Email: rosannac.averilla@yahoo.com #FilipinoPride #GP #GPPasig www.annaaveri.tumblr.com

Annaaveri – The Artist

I started my passion with arts when I was still a little girl. My mom told me that I love holding pencils and scribbling whatever I want in any paper or even walls that I see. And then I started joining competitions in doing posters and slogans when I was in Grade school, but the opportunities lessen when I graduated and became a high schooler. I had lesser time dealing with arts because we need to focus on Academics. But when I graduated, I realized that I wanted to draw more than doodles and slogan, so I tried doing portraits. At first, it looks hard and tiring but eventually get used to it. I practiced, and practiced until now, that I am in second year of college, still practicing but I can now proudly say that I improved alot.