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Mykola Koidan. News feed of my life

Mykola Koidan. News feed of my life

I don’t know what kind of  internal mechanisms are turned on when the need to paint a picture arises. But this moment comes, and then you have to look around carefully to find a plot.

An internal censor weeds out the daily husk and settles on something that matters, here and now. Freedom, faith, family, enjoying the moment, etc.

Then you realize this idea according to your own criteria of beauty and, voila, the work is ready! This is how the news feed of my life fills up. Collecting likes :)

The interpretation of the beautiful is constantly changing. Impressionism, kitsch, old masters, modern painting — these are different languages ​​in which you can express your thoughts in a painting.

When the desire comes to depict a certain plot, I am already influenced by one of the styles and just cannot get away from it. I think professionals can easily read everything that inspired me in my paintings. And that’s great.

Probably, as psychoanalysts can read the backstories of their clients, so art critics can read paintings. I perceive this as the transmission of tradition, as the inheritance within the family tree, ramified and multifaceted.

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