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Mysteries of the Organism

As an artist my process has been been varied gathering inspiration from literature, poetry, cinema and philosophy.

The source is the eye, the channel is the imagination , medium is pigment and the result is a catapult into the unknown. My artworks are a result of intuitive, spontaneous even chance movement of ink, colour, form, shape, symbology which work towards expressing a certain idea, process, principle, truth. Using the forms of cells, chromosomes, organs eggs, spirals, stars, embryos, the artworks describe the proximity of the cosmic forms to microscopic biological forms, the processes of inner transformation, the laws of nature, the vibrance of libido, the existential dilemmas.

Beneath the skin 8small 3small 1small Marring Innocence A knowing eye sees all beauty death flower of origins Birth Flower organic symphony of the sub-conscious Creations egg