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Gloria Sánchez is a Spanish illustrator based in Prague (Czech Republic).

She uses vintage photography and science publications to create surreal and whimsical artworks inspired by the modern day society which the viewer can create his or her own narrative.

The process start collecting vintage images from the public domain. Once she has hundreds of them, she scrolls from picture to picture until something happened in her mind. “I can see very fast what I want to create, but I have to be in silence, in very quiet and almost in meditative state. Sometimes I have flashbacks from my dreams and then I start to juxtapose the images to recreate them”.

Influenced by pop art, dada or futurism, she tries to show the viewer a new way to seeing the world putting together aspects of surrealism, mysticism and psychedelia in sublime juxtapositions to create a magical artwork where the universe is almost always present…Accross the UniverseJuego de niñosInvasionThe lost IslandParadiseThe uncertainity of the time La multiplicación de los peces