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The mystique erotic beaux art style of Mariska Karto

 Mariska Karto

I am a selftaught   artist/ fine art-photographer born in Suriname (South-America) and raised in the Netherlands.


“In this age of rapidity and technical development, in which human is exposed to impersonal detachment of current technical era, I create the vulnerable and intensive dimensions of human feelings and emotions. This all happens in the “Elysian Dreamworld” I have created with my technique in which past and present have found their way to each other, in this era of transformation.
I talk to you in a language without words using symbolism in a dreamworld of historic paintings atmosphere.

Mystique, tragic and erotic are the keywords for my work. My works are like old stories escaped from an old world of eternal dreams, eternal emotions and eternal feelings that existed for hundred of years but still repeats themselves as in a pattern of an earthy rite, in this new modern contemporary era.

My works are like poems and thoughts, restless ones but are also like whispers of thoughtless experiences, floating in a centuries long movement in time.”

My website: Mariska Karto

My FB: Facebook Mariska Karto

Desire is the reflection of what we hide


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