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Namdoo Kim, Contemporary artist


   Namdoo Kim  graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics & Glass from Hongik University in South Korea in 2011, and went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts in Glass from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester NY in 2013. He was an Artist in Residency and the instructor within the glass department at Rochester Institute of Technology 2013~2015. Now he just has been selected as an 2015′ Emerging Artist in Residency(EAiR) at Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle WA.

   He has a very individual and personal voice within his body of work. He is a contemporary artist with a focus in Critical-Pop Art. Using a sense of sarcasm and pop-style resources, he is revealing political problems of Korea. He is dealing with critical aspects of contemporary Korean society and its effect on people, particularly the relationship between children and parents. He uses products for children, such as toys and dolls, as vehicles for symbolism in his body of work. Now he is focusing on creating authenticity and depth in his work criticizing the social norms in South Korea and showing the differences and similarities compared to cultures around the world.


2015' W9.5" D9.5" H7.5" Casted Glass

W9.5″ D9.5″ H7.5″
Casted Glass




2015' W7" D7" H12" + (3.5" Heart Knives) Glass, Mixed-media

Lucky stab pop-up Baby, 2015′
W7″ D7″ H12″
+ (3.5″ Heart Knives)
Glass, Mixed-media

2015' W7" D7" H12" + (3.5" Heart Knives) Glass, Mixed-media


2015' W19" D32" H82" Glass, Wood, Mixed-media

White City, 2015′
W19″ D32″ H82″
Glass, Wood, Mixed-media

Namdoo Kim_Profile pic




2014' W41" D25" H5" Glass, Mixed-media

Baby on the track, 2014′
W41″ D25″ H5″
Glass, Mixed-media

2014' W41" D25" H5" Glass, Mixed-media



2013' W20" D20" H42" Glass, Ceramic, Mixed-media

Golden Binoculars, 2013′
W20″ D20″ H42″
Glass, Ceramic, Mixed-media

2013' W20" D20" H42" Glass, Ceramic, Mixed-media



2014' W20" D14" H2.5" Glass, Mixed-media

Mommy will always be here for you, my baby, 2014′
W20″ D14″ H2.5″
Glass, Mixed-media



2012' W31" D14" H14" Glass, Ceramic

Under pressure, we are cracking, 2012′
W31″ D14″ H14″
Glass, Ceramic

2012' W31" D14" H14" Glass, Ceramic



2012' W32" D24" H4" Glass, Mixed-media

Young-hui, 2012′
W32″ D24″ H4″
Glass, Mixed-media



2013' W30" D25" H50" Glass, Wood, Mixed-media

Life is Good, 2013′
W30″ D25″ H50″
Glass, Wood, Mixed-media



2013' W34" D25" H2"  W45" D32" H2" Glass, Steel, Mixed-media

Please, just grow healthy and strong my child(1), 2013′
W34″ D25″ H2″
W45″ D32″ H2″
Glass, Steel, Mixed-media

2012' W15" D15" H22" Glass, Ceramic

Present, 2012′
W15″ D15″ H22″
Glass, Ceramic



2012' W45" D16" H20" Glass, Metal

Greedy Bomb, 2012′
W45″ D16″ H20″
Glass, Metal

Artist Statement, 

Today, humans have entered into a contemporary society that values a marked individuality, but the parent’s generation, which controls the society, is still conservative. Parents want to get satisfaction from their children by infusing their values. The children meanwhile are in chaos, confused between a rapidly changing society and the conservative values of their parents. 
  Toys represent the purity and innocence of childhood and it is through this purity and innocence of toys that people have some of their most profound experiences in life.
    If we use children as an analog for toys, then society can be thought of as a factory that produces inferior toys (children) with only the goal of gaining the highest profits (producing adults that will be good earners). Through my artwork, I want to express that children in Korea today are like mass produced toys. They are meant to be all exactly alike, lacking individuality and quality of character, a whole society of people who are easily replaceable and hold little value as individuals, just like mass produced plastic toys or paper dolls.



Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/doohberry

Email: namdoo.namdoo@gmail.com