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Narrative Vibrations – Giuseppina Irene Groccia

Narrative Vibrations – Giuseppina Irene Groccia

One of the most obvious features of photography is the ability to fix
in a split second the reality that surrounds us, the decisive subject, the imagined artifice.
An extraordinary feature that has generated, with the rampant spread of the vehicle and its instinctive ease of use, an endless, disconcerting production of disconcerting obviousness and a total lack of realistic self-criticism.

Narrative Vibrations
In this worrying general panorama, Giuseppina Irene Groccia’s research emerges with confidence, immediately setting aside the temptation to trivially document aspects of the world around us, or everyday life, to enter a personal space where the image, the subject, can be a stimulus and invitation to a more intimate and profound emotional and investigative involvement.

The bodies, the figures (a fundamental subject in the author’s current imagination), having abandoned their real physicality, their own recognizability, thus become imaginary projections, sublimated sensations, recalled by an incorporeal parallel universe: living spirits, materialization of ethereal presences, breezes swaying and floating dance steps; they are narrative vibrations capable of reconstructing emotions, moods, moments escaped from the immense region of the metaphysical unconscious made visible by an involving visionary interpretation which, surprisingly, we can also find in the fascinating sky-lines created with the reinterpretation of architectures and historical monuments, in the structures, in the things of our daily life or even in the wide production of digital graphics in which the images (this time necessarily realistic and immediately identifiable) are concealed by spots, patches and drips, by scratches, lines … similar linear paths to writings, the need to pass on messages (perhaps) or the story of events, happenings, situations experienced and re-emerged, also in this case, from that inscrutable, contradictory personal introspective territory torn between reality and fantasy and full of fascination and wonder, pitfalls and seductions, mirages and temptations …

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