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Natalya Bulba Collection of exclusive hand-made jewellery – Snow Queen

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Natalya Bulba is the author of a new collection of exclusive hand-made jewellery that was used in the fashion event “Ukrainian Fashion Week – 2008” and the most expensive collection of furs by Constantin Ponomaryov “FURS MAJORS” season Winter 2009.
An idea about developing the image of the Snow Queen from the Hans Anderson’s fairy tale of the same name is put in the base of creation of “Snow Queen” decorations. Snow Queen is the image of a beautiful woman whose heart melts at people’s admiring looks. Warmth and light from multiple human hearts surround her and turn into a kind Winter Fairy.

A snowstorm draws patterns and ornaments from light snowflakes and flowers on the ground surface. Each moment of that action is unique.
The power of snow and ice emphasizing woman’s beauty and grace, bringing her close to a mythical heroine of a folklore fairy tale. The image of a sorcerer from a snow-covered forest strikes not only with its beauty but also with its ancient power. That power is always ready to do good and help those who are in danger.