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Native American Abstract Art by George Fagnan.

My Philosophy

An appeal to the Logical Mind.

By George Fagnan

source: georgefagnan.ca


Universal Force

" Oma ma" Mother Reath

” Oma ma” Mother Reath

The Universal Force manifests itself through our Individual consciousness and to the physical world.


The laws of nature do not apply only to earth. Our entire universe follows the same laws. And these laws never change.


We experience this nonphysical force in many ways. On a spiritual level with our consciousness or soul and also within our instincts, intuition and feelings.

Impression of Trapped Sunset J

We see this Force play out indirectly in nature through symbiotic relationships, intelligent design, and phenomenon such as instincts, emotion, intuition and creativity.

471053_284543904990443_1030837471_o (2)

This force also drives what we call intelligent design, playing a vital role in how plants and animals benefit and utilize Quantum Biology. Quantum mechanics can explain efficiency of Plant photosynthesis.


We see quantum phenomenon manifest in particle colliders, wave collapse, quantum leaps, quantum tunneling and entanglement (spooky action at a distance- A. Einstein).

Preconceived Apparition_121022

I would be so bold as to say this Universal Force is the foundation of all scientific genres and in our basic understanding of reality itself. Without this Universal Guiding Force this Universe wouldn’t even be here. This Universal Force lays down the precise Laws of Nature.


This Universal Force (spiritual plane or “other side”), is in my opinion, alluded to by many cultures and religions.


I believe we are all interconnected by this Universal Force “spiritual energy”.


The Grand Creator

My Native culture teaches that this world we live in is but a shadow or reflection of the other larger spiritual world. I think we all have a shared connection to this spiritual energy and because of that we are all part of a larger consciousness.


Unique Transformation of Time_174041 (3)

For thousands of years Shamans, Medicine Men, Priests, Physics, Popes, Monks and Spiritual Leaders have visited this spiritual side through Visions, Meditation, Prayer, plants such as Auhuasca, (DMT), Hallucinogens and Fasting.

Unique Transformation of Time_174056 (4)

Gurus, mystics and sages have spoken for centuries about universal life energy. It has been called many things including: Ki, Ka, Chi, Xi, Prana, Netter, Ihund and Biomagnetic energy to name but a few.


All sentient beings and all matter in this universe are connected “tuned in” to this spiritual energy.


Even the simplest one celled organism has a form of consciousness or self-awareness. They react to external surroundings without a brain or nervous system. Plants seem to be aware of their surroundings.


When we as humans disconnect with our spiritual side and view the world in a disconnected materialistic manner we see the social problems that plague humanity.


visions and dreams

Native people believe in Spirits visions and dreams. These visions are mediums through which we attempt to enlighten our understanding of the world in which we exist.

Insight of Peace_173913 (2)

Each of the Creator’s gifts, particularly animals and humans, possess a Spirit. Because the Spirit is eternal we know that when we die, it is only a physical death and our journey continues on.

Traditional Native spirituality also strongly reinforces the principle of a circle of life, the essence of which is found in Spirit. Spirits have the power to manifest themselves to the human eye and mind as well as to communicate with us.

Insight of Peace_173942 (2)

For example, some Native people believe that the Northern Lights occur when the Spirits are dancing. Various Spirits such as the Old Woman, the bear or the buffalo often enter the Sweat Lodge during prayer. At other times, depending upon our need, particular Spirits are called upon to provide us with assistance. A variety of Spirits also come to us during dreams or in visions.


Creation with Boundry

Unanswered Questions?

If your curiosity compels you to ask the “big questions”, you might be surprised what you find down the rabbit hole.

Some of sciences most important questions can be found in the foundations of the Universal Force. This is sometimes referred to as top-down physics.


  • What is are the limits of our senses and knowledge of the physical universe?
  • Does a Universal Consciousness (GOD) lie beyond the dimensions we experience?
  • What is the nature of physical reality and non-local reality?
  • What lies within the limits of time and the three dimensions we know?
  • Are we a vibration in a superstring within an infinite number of multiverses?
  • What lies outside of time and space?
  • What role does our connected consciousness play in manifesting reality?
  • Are we spirits in a material world or is the material world a holographic illusion projected by our consciousness?
  • What is the nature of the sub-conscious?
  • Is our mind ego created by our brain or does our connected mind individualized, manifest our brain to interact with this world as we know it?
  • Is the Universal Consciousness only one aspect of the infinite Universal Force?
  • Does this Universal consciousness manifests itself in our individual consciousness which interacts with the physical world through our brain and body?
  • Doesn’t it seem strange that our universe is so orderly? Why is that?



Fine-tuned Universe


The fine-tuned Universe is the proposition that the conditions that allow life in the Universe can only occur when certain universal fundamental physical constants lie within a very narrow range, so that if any of several fundamental constants were only slightly different, the Universe would be unlikely to be conducive to the establishment and development of matter, astronomical structures, elemental diversity, or life as it is understood. The proposition is discussed among philosophers, scientists, theologians, and proponents and detractors of creationism.


Physicist Paul Davies has asserted that “There is now broad agreement among physicists and cosmologists that the Universe is in several respects ‘fine-tuned’ for life”. However, he continues, “the conclusion is not so much that the Universe is fine-tuned for life; rather it is fine-tuned for the building blocks and environments that life requires.” He also states that “‘anthropic’ reasoning fails to distinguish between minimally biophilic universes, in which life is permitted, but only marginally possible, and optimally biophilic universes, in which life flourishes because biogenesis occurs frequently”. Among scientists who find the evidence persuasive, a variety of natural explanations have been proposed, such as the anthropic principle along with multiple universes. George F. R. Ellis states “that no possible astronomical observations can ever see those other universes. The arguments are indirect at best. And even if the multiverse exists, it leaves the deep mysteries of nature unexplained.



Premise FTU


The premise of the fine-tuned Universe assertion is that a small change in several of the dimensionless fundamental physical constants would make the Universe radically different. As Stephen Hawking has noted, “The laws of science, as we know them at present, contain many fundamental numbers, like the size of the electric charge of the electron and the ratio of the masses of the proton and the electron. … The remarkable fact is that the values of these numbers seem to have been very finely adjusted to make possible the development of life.”