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Native lands

Native lands by Ememem. City of Lyon, France.

Ceramic tiles on asphalt.

This work is the first one of a big series which counts more than around thirty realizations today, in France and Italy for now.

I highlight the natural failings in the urban environment by caring them. I fill holes and cracks with ceramic or any other esthetic material. My approach is to transform the defects of our cities.
Pools of colour, chequered puddles or multicolor corners, my work can take different forms but it is always recognisable.
Asphalt fixer, crazy tiler, poet of the cement… Urban dwellers can call me as they want, I’m here to bloom and repair their environment.



It was executed on the carriageway, in natural potholes. It’s my “first-born”, and it is localized in a place connected to my family. It also has the shape of islands, like my own native island. That’s why this work is called “Native lands”.

Detail of the ceramic


The natural potholes in the carriageway welcomed the “puddles of ceramic”.

Native lands

detail island