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Natural Obscurity | Scott Boardman

Natural Obscurity | Scott Boardman.

Natural Obscurity explores how the connection between aspects of the body and a natural fossilised material can be used to illustrate a narrative. By utilising casting techniques to show this obscure relationship between these living, yet static objects. Deconstructing this happening and reconstructing to form a peculiar mix of control and chaos.

Natural Obscurity | Scott Boardman


I have used a living tree turned to rock along with aspects of the body to then juxtapose these objects and create an installation that forces the audience to think, connect and attempt to determine the connections.

Scott Boardman is 29 years old and lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

In April of 2018 Scott started work at Weta Workshop – New Zealand’s internationally renowned special effects, prop and costume company. He has been hired as a technician in Weta’s costume department, helping to create and work on some amazing projects.

Scott graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Creative Industries degree at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Tauranga as a Visual Arts Major.

He is a multidisciplinary visual artist. His practice works around a variety of mediums and platforms, including . sculpture, videography, photography, and performance.

In 2017 Scott carried out and ran casting workshops at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, teaching various methods and processes of casting for sculpture.

Since 2015 he has created a variety of video work both commercially for musician’s, real estate as well as producing other video content for various clients and artistic projects. In 2017 he exhibited a moving image piece in The National Contemporary Art Awards.

He has photographed for many different events such as Little Big Markets, Diner en Blanc, Young Innovator Awards and many more. As well as producing portraiture work for families and business owners for their websites, and for capturing life’s moments.

Scott’s background as a qualified Furniture Maker has equiped him with the unique set of skills to construct and create creative works as well as the ability to confidently install works.

Speaking of his practice, Scott states, “My art is inspired from films and certain parts of my life”. Having a humorous side to a work “…is valuable too, it loosens up the experience”.


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