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Natural Warp | George Hoeylaerts

Natural Warp | George Hoeylaerts.

Have you ever – in the summer on a sunny day – stared into a field of grass ?
Without turning your eyes away from that one spot in the middle … as long as you could – no blinking allowed ?

Natural Warp | George Hoeylaerts


Well, if i do this, i see beautiful patterns, … mathematical structures rearranging … an extra dimension … and an added “you are in the now” feeling … i would recommend this to anyone since it is a playful and very meditative way to spend your time.
To me it feels as if a constant waterfall of joy and pure liveliness jump out of the image that before i simply viewed as “the normal world”.

My latest work is the result of an attempt to translate these never-ending depths hiding not even a fraction of a millimeter behind the curtain of our everyday reality …
It is an attempt to build a bridge between any concept observable in this world and the unimaginable world of dreams behind it on the other side …
To simulate a panorama over a landscape that stretches over countless of inter-dimensional facets of reality, a wonderful view we could only dream of to perceive.

It is an invitation to the mind of the observer to for just a moment, feel the fractal nature of the now,
to inspire awe for the multi-layered details whirling into the architecture of the moment,
to try and connect with its deep design within and to dive into that overwhelming experience.

By flirting with basic geometry and mixing it into semi-controlled random brushstrokes i enable myself to spawn multiple shapes at once
and arrange them onto hundreds of layers spread over thousands and thousands of pixels while pushing the limits of my machine.
You surely can imagine this makes me feel like i am playing with pure light and hyper-chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth or galaxy formation.

The results are below : Natural Warp | George Hoeylaerts

Nature’s Prophet

Natural Warp | George Hoeylaerts


Blossoms of the Dark Crystal


Universal conflict

Natural Warp | George Hoeylaerts


Enter Your Mind


Crystallized Love

Hummingbird of Paradise