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Nature’s Spirit Zentange Art by Sonamm Sharma

Original hand drawn zentangle style pen art.

Artist: Sonam Sharma (or Sonamm Sharma on Social Media)
This is a very intricately sketched and designed piece of art work using black pens and pencils on paper. It represents mother nature as a goddess in all her glory- strong, serene and beautiful. It could also represent the earth signs of the zodiac especially the Venusian Bull Woman or Taurus

Original hand drawn zentangle style pen art.


To know more about this unique style of art, follow the artist on:
Instagram: @astralartofficial and @zaffarah
Twitter: @inSONAMiac
FB: www.facebook.com/sonam1986
FB Pages: www.facebook.com/SozartCreative
Blog: www.astralartofficial.tumblr.com
External links: http://artign.com/sonam-sharma-artist/