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Nazanin Marashian- Art-under lock and key

Nazanin Marashian was born in Iran (1979) and emigrated to Australia during the Iran / Iraq war (1980-1989). Her art making is semi-autobiographical and maps the fragments of memories from her past. Her works merge personal stories with political and social concerns. Marashian has explored mainly 2D forms such as painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, digital photography, Arabic calligraphy and watercolour painting. She also has an interest in developing  installation and 4D art forms. Marashian has held solo and group exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne. She is an award winning artist and the founder of the Iranian Women Visual Artists Collective- Australia ( IWVAC-Australia). Marashian draws heavily on her cultural connections to her homeland and growing up in Australia in her art making. She engages audiences with her intricate layering of materials with Persian calligraphy.

The Works presented here are from two bodies of work:

In Miniature- These small scale works are concerned with the amalgamation of personal signs and symbols with Arabic calligraphy and the practice of Sufi chanting. These works are of a intimate scale, echoing the principles of Sufi heart meditation. They also have a historical connection to Persian miniature painting and storytelling.

Declaration of Love- Each work is based on a Persian poem dedicated to her by her maternal Aunt (Batoul Shahroknadini). The poem is about the deep connection between mother and child and the longing to stay in tune with the ones you love. Some of the works are re-contextualised images from found canvases and picture frames. The use of these ‘recycled’ materials links to the artists concerns with sustainability.