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Negative Vibes

IMG_7005 copy167IMG_5257 copyIMG_6018I’d currently describe my style as somewhat experimental, and I definitely have a tendency to create more abstract themed pieces. I’m experimenting with different things to see what I enjoy the most I think that’s where I’ll find my creative ‘voice’ at its loudest and clearest.

I try to give a photographic and lyric dimension to the little facts of our daily life, trying to blend in some new and a positive spin from time to time.In this series of photography i try to show the beauty of our surrounding through negatives in abstracts.

The reason behind this theme was negatives roll  effects absolutely people don’t like negatives because of their monochromatic colors but my concern was to show some beautiful reflections of life through negatives and in    addition to make this idea more creative i used the way of abstract.

Which will make the viewer to stay and think about the images and the story behind them.This is a collection of images that sends a lone traveler into  through,and away from a mix of odd times,fantastic world, and mysterious offerings.