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Never Give Up / Never Surrender | oil painting by Lucie Duban

Never Give Up / Never Surrender | oil painting by Lucie Duban.

There is a dynamic in the composition initiated by the biomorphic element on the right hand. That element seems surreal and full of impulse as it looks tense advancing towards some place it wants to reach.

Never Give Up / Never Surrender | oil painting by Lucie Duban

This gesture shows a will of action that could be symbolized by climbing that mountain. This will is strengthened by the stick is holding onto, which serves as a tutor. And that tutor also embodies the rebirth as it is full of flowers, and that vegetation refers to opening and mutation. The idea of the possible. The hope is therefore the symbol of the stick. The surreal figure is firmly holding onto its hope.

The black little spheres, while being transparent, are the obstacles heading towards the character. Those obstacles often appear along the way of those who are trying to reach their goal and there inner Truth, while becoming who they really are. Obstacles mostly prevent movement and agility from pursuing our dreams and can diminish motivation. Therefore, they serve a purpose of a test.

“Do you really want to climb that mountain? Is it what you really want?”
Only true inner guidance and motivation can help overcome obstacles and reach our aim.

Here colours tend to offer a luminous image, to recall Hope.

Light is the result of Action.
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