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New Approaches – The Art of Zil Hoque

Hoque’s paintings have always had recurrent visual references.

The expression of paint

The expression of paint

Hoque’s paintings have always had recurrent visual references. The new paintings have moved away from overtly figurative, their starting point the elements.Wind,water,air and fire have dynamic connotations of form. Atmospheric ambiguities filled with powerful forces, where previous references are reincarnated. We sense something is depicted but are not sure what it is. Natural phenomenon is abstracted creating metaphorical space that works on us psychologically. The familiarity of this potent atmosphere is unnerving but compelling.The variation of colour and light induces mood. If they are clouds, they are more akin to the sketches of John Constatble. Somber,sulfurous green and blue grey are interrupted with flashes of cadmium orange. Exuberant cadmium reds burst through Indian reds and umbers, creating distinctive auras as vortexes of movement levitate beyond the canvas. There is no coolness of approach. They are immediate, and expressive.We sense the thundering power of the elements. John Walker stated “I want to paint on honest paintings, that is a piece of me”. Zil Hoque’s paintings are honest paintings.

Nimbostratus Tierra-Aire II

Las Musas (Homage to Goya IX)

Caminos a Cordoba IIII

Caminos a Cordoba II



Andrew Stewart from the Zil Hoque “Los Elementos” Show catalogue.