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New Galleries By Tezi Gabunia

Tezi Gabunia is an artist-engineer. He calls his method Falsification, that is a reflection upon the basic features of the contemporary world, the absolute virtualization.

Contemporary visual language studies provides handling and creation of mediums that itself originates a new generation of art wich is a result of industrialized production, not creation. That also abolishes the artist as an original creator. The production process is completely industrialized, which makes massive production in a short time possible. In addition, One of the mediums of Tezi gabunia’s production is a language of virtual exhibition space.

Gallery is a space, where an artwork becomes eligible to exist in the context of art. Gallery is a context itself. Tezi Gabunia’s concept vanishes a distance between a viewer and art.  Insertion of artwork in a casual space abolishes it’s primary meaning, but not only it looses the meaning, so does a gallery. An artwork, as  an original phenomenon without context, creates exhibition spaces. It becomes a context itself.

via www.http://tezigabunia.com/