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NFTs Are Transform the Art World and digital art has taken many forms over the years.

NFTs Are Transform the Art World and digital art has taken many forms over the years.

NFTs exploded in popularity earlier this year, making some of the internet’s most popular artists overnight millionaires in the process. Because technology continues to advance, digital art has taken many forms over the years. However, one constant has been artists’ exploration of digital media as a form of expression. This is true of your students as well. Why not bring digital art into your classroom? It’s a medium your students naturally gravitate toward anyway!

The advancement of and access to technology has allowed digital arts education to become more prevalent in schools. Although it continues to be a new medium for art teachers and students, it’s been around the art world for quite some time. In fact, one of the first significant computer art exhibitions took place in 1965.

Digital-art collectors say they’re paying not just for pixels but also for digital artists’ labor–in part.

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6 Digital Artists You Should Know:

1-Erik Johansson

Czech Republic and Sweden. He is working on both personal and commissioned projects with clients all around the world. Erik doesn’t capture moments, he captures ideas. With the help of his camera and Photoshop the goal is to make it look as realistic as possible. For more information about Erik check out the FAQ page. To get updates about Erik’s work follow him on Facebook, or Instagram.

2. Ali Meamar


Meamorphism is a ground breaking new art movement developed by internationally known artist Ali Meamar in collaboration with Sony Corporation. This art movement combines traditional “fine art” making with the newest digital media technologies. Every pieces are created using Digital Canvases that provide the user with a dynamic viewing experience and that can be manipulated by the viewer. Each piece allows the viewer to see infinite variations of the artwork. http://www.meamar.com/

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Created by Meamar

3. David McLeod

David McLeod, an Australian native, is a digital artist specializing in CGI (computer-generated imagery). CGI is what filmmakers use to create lifelike special effects in movies, but can be used in still imagery as well. Mcleod’s work curiously explores the world of CGI. His animations are mesmerizing. Check them out on his Instagram page.

Website: davidmcleod.com

image via davidmcleod.com

4-Alberto Seveso

You’ve undoubtedly seen the work of Alberto Seveso with his famous high-speed photography series, A Due Colori, Medicina Rossa, and Disastro Ecologico. These underwater photos capture colored clouds of ink for an astonishing result. You can even try it out with your students!

Website: burdu976.com/phs


image via burdu976.com

5. Sean Charmatz

Animator, Sean Charmatz, is no stranger to fantasy as he spent several years as a writer, artist, and storyboard director for the Spongebob Squarepants television show. He’s also shared his digital art talents with companies like Dreamworks and Disney. You might recognize Charmatz’s personal work from his animations bringing everyday or found objects to life. You can even find instructions here to create animations inspired by Charmatz with your students. Make sure to check out his Instagram page for more of his designs.

Instagram: instagram.com/sean_charmatz















image via instagram.com/sean_charmatz/

6. Nik Ainley

UK Digital Illustrator, Nik Ainley, is used to working with big-name clients like Nike, Starbucks, and National Geographic. Ainley first became interested in digital art while studying physics. Many of his illustrations and graphics take influence from the world of science.

Website: shinybinary.com




















image via shinybinary.com

Via https://theartofeducation.edu/


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