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Nicolas Renard Williams

Nicolas Renard is a french artist/painter, a product of street art and ride culture.
Born in 1980, he grew up and evolved at the heart of his crew, ATF. Very quickly picked up skating and graffiti. His everyday inspiration: the street, street people.

His painting – imprint of sensitivity and emotion – unites the radicality of Line with the softness of individuals. Free expression, brush strokes, bursts of color, explicit fervor, radiant ardor. Personal reproduction of a T moment (his recreation of a crossroad) in the life of an identity; a common place – absolute Banality in its representation becoming Intensity. The fragile gap, a feverish moment in which this representation rocks.

Journeys become encounters, encounters become paintings, paintings give new life, and sometimes hope. Reality becomes luminescent. Naturally drawn to the human condition, the principal subjects are women and children.

Curious portraitist, dreamer… every detail becomes precious, every color unique.IMG_8676 IMG_8675 IMG_8674 IMG_8673 IMG_8672 IMG_8671