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Night Knight

10378078_790103027705390_8796974974298160742_nAs a student at the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, I was always interested in various experimental methods of creating art pieces and illustrative creations, ranging from realistic to minimalistic styles. It’s about searching and exploring new media at this point, exploiting with rather unusual and particular medias on peculiar base materials. Even though, that one style that particularly represents me is the realistic, detailed one, involving the chiaroscuro effect and anatomical disfigurations.



The most representative for my creations is the action to compose personal pieces that would depict concepts of ugliness, terror, horror, merging them with philosophical, psychological and socio-biological themes. For these, I combined various elements that are part of the fantasy world: from animal features, to anatomical exaggerations and grotesque illustrations, combined with decorative elements to create more aesthetically engaging compositions.

For this reason, my main artistic concept is based in illustrating images that combine the topic of “chiaroscuro” technique and the aesthetics of ugliness, in relation with human anatomical pieces. These are two concepts that support one another and create a visually striking and abundant impact, especially after I approach the realistic style of drawing. Aesthetics of ugliness is a concept that I use because I wish to emphasize the idea that the beauty of social media is rather false and the overwhelmed image of reality and ugliness comes in as an option, and it also is another face of the contemporary artistic beauty that should be seen as equally important as other natural, beautifying concepts. Furthermore, to be more persuasive about my idea, the “chiaroscuro” technique has its own strategical contribution, working in a perfect relationship with my realistic style of drawing, adding an amplified effect of dramatism and theatricality. In addition, I strongly correlate my personal experiences and beliefs with every piece I create because to me, experiences and emotions come alongside the entire creative process to achieve a full response and true, individual dimensions of the final pieces. I believe my work is very specific, distinct, explicit and characteristic to my particular, inherent and intrinsic human set that I own. My art is the extrinsic ‘fashion’ and manner of expression.


I was especially impressed by contemporary artists, such as Adrian Ghenie, Mircea Suciu or Radu Belcin. Even further, since the beginnings of my artistic career, I had Vincent van Gogh or Salvador Dali to influence my personal work. For the more decorative style, Gustav Klimt or Kandinsky played a major role as vivid inspirations in my artistic depictions. As for the illustrative side of my works, Chiara Bautista or Owen Smith are some contemporary artists whose works are widely known for their remarkable topics and depictions.


All in all, I am only exploring new means of developing my own artistic skills now, aiming to achieve a strong, particular style over time. I truly feel convinced of the artistic course that I am adopting, looking forward to achieve more skill, efficiency and artistic competence in this continuous artistic development.