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my name is Daniel Tschurtschenthaler, I am 26 years old
and I am from Sexten in Italy.
I discovered my passion for photo and videography early in my live.
I got my first photo camera when I was 10 years old.
From this moment my live has changed.
When I was 16 I finished the school and I started working as a painter.
But after 10 years of painting, my passion for photo / videography was bigger than all other. So I decided to work as a photo and video producer.

My objective is to discover and to show Mother Nature from her most creative side!

The train of thought behind the video “NOSTALGIA”:
When I was a child, I often visited this place. He looked different every day.
He had always been special to me. When I was young for me it was a place with ice cold boiling water :).
But now it is a place, where Mother Nature shows me hear artistic side.

With this video I would like to show the unique beauty of this location.

You can find the video if you click at this link: https://vimeo.com/218146424

Kind regards

Daniel Tschurtschenthaler


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