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I am not just in the Universe; the Universe is in me

2nd Exhibition

Gram stain

Gram stain

Preliminary picture #2Preliminary picture #3Preliminary picture #4


Correspondence to the artists: amir.kadamani@campestre.edu.co

This artpiece intends to investigate interdisciplinary art and its expressive possibilities thought the creation of piece that articulates with the techniques found in microbiology such as Gram and methylene blue stainings. This proposal takes sustenance in the problem of the feeling of alienation, separation, and hostility given by the egotist state of humanity, in order to arouse in the observer a reflective mood on this issue and create an environment that invites change and transmutation of this situation. The result of this proposal consist in a tryptic of images of microorganisms printed in watercolor paper and altered to exalt characteristics of natural environments found in them, thus leading to the conclusion: “I am not just in the universe; the universe is in me”

Artists: Amir Kadamani González
Juan Felipe Pulido Restrepo