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Do not lick the artworks!

Give me a pack of Jelly babies and I could eat the lot. Give me a toffee, some fudge or a wine gum and I’m happy.

I have fond memories of childhood sweets too. Jelly tots, Dolly mixture, Spangles and Opal fruits (now called Starburst, but will always be opal fruits to me). I used to love the vivid pink colour of the wham bar in the 1980’s. Imagine all those E numbers and additives in there! Fruit salads, Black jacks, sherbert dips, Fruiti tutti, Flying saucers.
I also love an old fashioned sweet shop. Shelves crammed with glass jars full of bon bons, aniseed balls and gobstoppers.
My new series is inspired by these childhood memories of brightly coloured sweets in the days when additives and colouring was allowed!

Can I tempt you with some chocolate and flowers? Oozing with ‘chocolatey’ goodness, my flower paintings are looking good enough to eat. So irresistible, you can almost taste them. This latest series of paintings from my studio are inspired by my sweet tooth! Luscious chocolate and caramel colours wrapped in gold and honey-sweet hues in sparkly parcels. The Sweet Shop is now open!  So if you know someone who deserves a tasteful treat, sate their craving with some guilty pleasures.

Fizzy Cubes

80x30cm acrylic on canvas

Chocabloc 1

100x80cm acrylic on canvas

Chocabloc 2

100x80cm acrylic on canvas


100x50cm acrylic on canvas

dolly mixture

120x100cm acrylic on canvas


120x80cm acrylic on canvas

praline petals