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NURIT SHANY ART – Oil paintings  2012- 2014,

ציורים – שמן על בד,

oil painting contemporary art,

The series Of the Tel Avive promenad was exhibited at the Montefeiore gallery.

Evil is part of Human nature, composing each individual’s life story along with gentleness, beauty and love. As evil visits my neighborhood strange images emerge in my mind.

On the other hand,  Art exhibitions and installations tell human stories in a privileged atmosphere of contemplation that is not evadable in the midst of interaction in life.

So I create oil paintings that tell a story about men or a women who seek equality and wisdom and find ancient human dark drives with no wisdom tempting to change their lives.

Since it is the images by which the tale is told, aesthetic distance wraps the hurting effect of evil transforming it in to a memory of a battle won by good merit, brave ethical choices and positive living forces.





Thank you for visiting.  You are most welcome to enjoy my contemporary oil paintings.

Beauty is a personal concept created from mental material, given over to you to choose from, in order to plant it in your environment according to your choice.

Since my childhood I play with concepts and form shapes of expression through different media. I paint the images, my mind brings up as worthy of my attention, or find expression through writing, sculpture or performance.

I grew in Israel. I was born in kibbutz Gvat, in the Izrael valley and spent my childhood in a small town dwelled in an oak tree Forrest called Tivon (meaning in Hebrew: ongoing nature) During my life I lived in different areas of Israel, in the Negev desert I lived in Sde-Boker (meaning: A Morning field), in Jerusalem (meaning: see peace)and in Tel Aviv (meaning: spring hill). Words, names and images always seemed connecting to each other symbolically. adding meaning to reality.

As I paint my contemporary oil paintings and write, I observe my visuals in my actual surrounding which becomes my main narrative, but art is a social act. So although I create it in my private meditative surrounding. I need your involvement in choosing art objects out of the variety of art object I create daily on my artistic path, and your creative act is withholding art and defining it as culture by turning those originals in to a part of your possession and environment.

oil painting write to: nurit.shany@gmail.com