Oil on Canvas by Milly Martionou​

Milly Martionou​ An artist living and working in Athens, Greece.

Her work, compactly overt and unbreakable, involves a series of “layers” on both literal and figurative levels, flirting with the abstract expressionism. Using techniques known as “dripping” or, in the widest sense of the term, “action painting” often combined with “collage” and under the obvious influence of the American painters Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell, the artist communicates her own psyche with a completely personal writing which, unlike that of Pollock, sends an intense message of optimism.

This is a forceful work that mutates under different lighting levels due to the technical positioning of glitters and various crystals. Mysterious landscapes are alternated with dreamy images and lure us in a metaphysical journey to the country of dream and unconsciousness. Stella Pieri  and Read more on her website

More: https://www.facebook.com/artmillymartionou/


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