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Oil Painting by Marek Pekacz

Oil Painting by Marek Pekacz.

I aim to create beautiful and interesting items, but I don’t avoid creating objects only beautiful, or just curious, and even works of art.


The formalization of the idea by using mathematical notation may seem redundant, but this way of notation is useful to clearly communicate my thoughts.

To define my work I established the existence of a right triangle composed of vectors. The first cathetus vector is a measure of ornamentation of given item. The other cathetus vector is the scale of content of the item.
I perceive the ornamentation and content as values nonconverging, that’s why they are, in my hypothetical triangle, perpendicular to each other. The result of these two vectors, and also the hypotenuse is the ITEM.

Using the function cot and the measure of the acute angle alpha, I can easily note the divisions prevailing in my concept of creativity.

The more ornamentation and less content, the more the item becomes forman (creation, in which appearance is the most important).

The less ornamentation (including utility functions), and more content, the more the item becomes Ideon (creation, in which the concept is crucial).
Because I deal mainly with painting, from formans I distinguished IMAGES.

I attribute the name OBJECT to items which equally carry in them the content and beauty.

Oil Painting by Marek Pekacz

Oil Painting by Marek Pekacz


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Pravia’s Jewellery, Oil Painting by Marek Pekacz, 110 x 70 cm