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Oil Paintings by Doug Bloodworth

I assume if you have gotten to this page, you are probably a Monopoly fan. If you’re like me, it brings you back to a simpler time.

Quote from Doug: “I love what I paint, and in fact, I have to have a personal attachment to whatever it is that I am painting, or I don’t feel like I could do it. And I think that is true of any artist. I think you have to understand whatever it is you’re painting, and have a personal attachment to it. You can’t just paint something because you think it might sell.”







165010_430870843653283_720762474_nCheck out the ridge where the board folds. Check out the fold on the Community Chest card. They’re uncanny. Check out the shadows from the houses and hotels. Check out the intracacies in the Monopoly money.







Speaking as someone who has had this hanging in my office for almost a year, I can tell you that even after a year, I still notice new things in the painting whenever I look at it.

To repeat, this is not a photo. It is a limited edition reproduction on canvas of the original oil painting by Doug Bloodworth.

Looking at this on the wall it is truly difficult to distinguish this collectible edition from the original oil painting. It is printed in the USA on gallery-quality canvas, personally signed and numbered by the artist, and arrives to you ready to hang in your home or office.

If you would like to try this in your home or office before making a purchase decision, we offer that option. Just contact us to make the arrangements. Shipping is free both ways.

If you are giving this to someone as a gift for the holidays, for a limited time, Doug is offering to do a personalized remarque for you on the back at no extra charge. If you want to see what Doug’s remarques look like, go to Google Images and type in Doug Bloodworth Remarque.