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Oil Paintings | Luke Mack

Oil Paintings | Luke Mack

Visual Artist / Automotive Designer from Detroit Michigan

With my work I strive to create strong conceptual ideas and stories, disguised as beautiful images with bold compositions. I have taken influences from graffiti culture, Eastern thought, and a critical view of Western hedonism, while always trying to achieve higher levels of realism and dynamic compositions. I work mainly in oils and believe that details are just as important as showing loose brush strokes, and the contrast between the two connects the viewer to the artist’s process as well as the artist’s intent for the concept. I also work digitally and in 3D.

These are some of my recent oil paintings, some from the past two series I completed. I focus on the human figure, primarily the face; while incorporating formal elements and abstract shapes to either emphasize certain features or play off of them.

website: www.lukejmack.com  | Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lukemack9/


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Oil Paintings | Luke Mack