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Oil paintings of Pacific Northwest by Debbie Daniels

Oil paintings of Pacific Northwest by Debbie Daniels.

I am currently working on a series of rock and water paintings in oil. Captured movement plays a vital role in my work. My paintings rarely have a horizon line so that the viewer is immersed in the up close details of our surroundings that are frequently overlooked. In capturing movement, I hope to expose a moment in time and provide something deeply personal to the viewer.

I have finally gotten to the point in life where I am satisfied with being myself as an artist and doing what I love to do. This has come only after years of listening to people tell me to loosen up and be more painterly.

However, I have always admired and been most influenced by photorealistic painters and so I am working to become the best at photorealism that I can be. I am currently working on taking my paintings to the next level.

I read the following quote recently in Maria Brophy’s book Art, Money, Success:
“Even the most talented among us have doubts. The difference between those making things happen and those who aren’t is this: the people who make things happen take action on their ideas in spite of fears, doubts and critics.”


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