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Old Masters come to life with a Click – by Zdenek Sindelar

Old Masters come to life with a “Click” – by Zdenek Sindelar 

Photography is a medium of expression like no other in more than one way. When an artist has “way with the camera” and an eye to imagine, the sky is the limit to creativity. Zdenek Sindelar, a native East European (presently operating from the Netherland under a brand-name CuirousZed), explores the frontiers of visual experimentation with his masterful photography.

CuriousZed derives his creative inspiration from Old Master Painters and his work depicts the artful use of light to generate classic impression. The objects in his images are carefully picked, placed and grouped to portray a sense of depth and invoke viewer imagination (yet remaining visually appealing and attractive like an old master’s work).

Sindelar explains his inspiration as “I compose images as Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio might, had photography been an option in his lifetime”.

Below are some of the works from the award winning photographer:

Perierat et Inventus

Gaudium et Dolorem

The Supper



You can visit Curious Zed to view more of his work and connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

The artist is available for commercial and private assignment upon contact.