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Old memories | Margherita Vitagliano

Old memories, they return to be heard again. Old memories | Margherita Vitagliano

There was a time when postcards were written, wildflowers were collected and preserved among the most precious memories, in a box or among the pages of a good book. Over time, those flowers became more and more fragile and no doubt only the scent would remain. The postcards remained intact, perhaps for those who in the future like me, will want to feel, again those old emotions.


“In her images she puts passion, warmth, listening, noble feelings that give nostalgia and offer a world of true and deep feelings, proposed with extreme naturalness and with the modesty of people with great sensitivity.”
Director and founder SENTIRE JOURNAL
(Corona Perer)

Born in San Martino Valle Caudina (Avellino) in 1977 with artistic studies behind her, self taught she approached photography after the birth of her son, making her way in this world by participating in various national and international competitions obtaining flattering results.
She likes to say about her “I’m not a photographer, but I love to photograph because through photography I try to express what I am and I feel “
She currently lives in Timperley, south of Manchester, with her family and the passion for photography, her way out of the daily gray. She also writes for the Italian newspaper “Giornale Sentire”Your text to link here… commenting with her photos angles of life and English news.Your text to link here…

You can see more on her website, on Facebook and https://www.artpeoplegallery.com/life-what-a-joke-margherita-vitagliano/

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