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Olivier Massebeuf . Contemporary figurative art . Based in Paris

I am a figurative painter and illustrator . I have now been working since 2006 as a professional artist , as an illustrator for magazine and then as a painter for a London gallery – Blackheath Gallery in Blackheath .

Ihave also shown my work in several exhibitions , the first being in Montreui ( near Paris ) in 2004 , for the French branch of Amnesty International that dealt with violence against women . Along with being a teacher of English I paint and draw on a regular basis . I have mostly been influenced by Egon Schiele , Francis Bacon , Lucian Freud and Jenny Saville but I keep exploring new fields , mostly concerned with human psychology . I’m keen on making portraits but also landscapes and trees . Light is one of my main concerns and I use oil , acrylic , pencil , watercolour and ballpoint pen indifferently .electricity 2 - oil - 100x 81 - 2007 (2)Oil . 81 x 63 / 2014