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Opal Art

I’m opals cutter for jewelery and photographer in France; I buy opals in Australia on Queensland with older miners.

Once cut and polished I take in macrophotographies  for the presentation of my jewelry

My pleasure is to see the details of each opal is not visible to the naked eye, each opal is unique there formed millions of years.



simulation Opal Nut

After making several macro picture I’ve realized the artistic beauty of opals It is the art of nature that I reveal in the cutters

It is a stone that is very hard to take a photo because you have good lighting and precise adjustments to the camera, to bring out both of opal lights and often darker motive

Opal  with pictures come from mines to Koroit, or Yowah or Quilpie

others are opals bouler coming Winton or Opalton

it is the most precious gem around the world, and through the macro I invite you to discover this fascinating mineral.

Winton Opal QLD Koroit Opal Winton boulder Opal Opalton boulder Opal Yowah opal