Optical Illusions Photographed by Michael Paul Smith

Optical Illusions Photographed by Michael Paul Smith

Photographer Michael Paul Smith  created of Elgin Park, a fictional 20th century town filled with miniature 1/24th-scale models of cars and buildings. Smith creates optical illusions with his carefully crafted model sets with die-cut automobiles and real-life backdrops, taking advantage of an optical illusion known as forced perspective.

He is on the verge of publishing a new book, Elgin Park, which is available now for preorder. Seen here are some of his most recent photos along with behind-the-scenes views, there’s much more over on Flickr.

elgin-2 elgin-3

elgin-5 elgin-6 elgin-7 elgin-8 elgin-9

Via (Thisiscolossal.com)

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