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Original T-shirt with Christo Dagorov’s artistic drawing of lips AUTHENTICITY

siLversands project with the famous artist Christo Dagorov

Switzerland-based illustrator and artist Christo Dagorov created extraordinary uncolored lip series of pencil drawings. These art pieces are crafted meticulously and stated in details. Christo transformed the texture of lips into trees in one ot these works named Authenticity.

The forest trees create illusion not only of lips and teeth but the correlations between the nature’s projection and our own lives. We see exposed tree roots, trunks and treetops with it‘s branches and leaves. Trees born, live, die, grow, reproduce, sustain, evolve and develop themselves as we do. Not only on a biological but on spiritual level too. There are visible and invisible aspects, powers and awareness of human.

Lips as the part of mouth take place of significance in facial features. It‘s a the source of sounds and speech, which are the same as commands and actions because they imply the effects of the thoughts . It‘s a tool of choosing different forms of communication. It‘s responsibility to show the whole man too.

Our (siLversands women’s clothing brand) energetic vibrations matched up with this drawing and we contacted Christo Dagorov for cooperation creating white T-shirt with the artistic lips of trees for SS ‘16 collection. siLversands is about where warm and sandy fashion meets urban. One of our goal is to create a playground to express those creative wishes of individual and find it‘s balance between urban lifestyles. So siLversands invites people to wear a little part of art, by sending a message to the world about Christo Dagorov’s drawings and feeling some true magic.