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Out of black

Out of black – Borcher & Lomholdt are two playmates who found each other back in 2011.

Maria Lomholdt worked as a photographer and Christina Borcher as fashion and costume designer. They soon found out that together they could be something unique and quickly became known for creating fairytales designed in images and installations.

Their main focus was initially in part in the fashion industry and in part in photography with image, costume and installation exhibitions.

Despite the common passion for creating fairytales they always worked, until recently, under separate umbrellas, as the photographer Maria Lomholdt and designer Christina Borcher.
One particular challenge they encountered was that in the fashion world they were often told that they were too artsy and in the photo world that they were too fashion.
So where did they really belong?

Too fashion, they say – Too artsy they say
Fuck them – Let ́s make our own world

It was not until a beautiful winters day in 2015, during the ideas for “We who do not belong , that they realised they had to create their very own world – Working in unison and no longer as two individuals.
Simply finding their own common ground in the art world –
The world of in between, where everything is possible.
A world with no boundaries, just the purity of imagination.

It was at the same time also the first major step towards their unique and shared personal project “Out of Black”.

Borcher & Lomholdts world has now been created.
A world where they can play freely and without any limitations to the delight for the viewers and for themselves.