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Over the undersurface

As an artist Erzsebet Nagy SAAR stands in a row of women whose themes are derived from their own personalities, their own experience, from self-observation and their own accentuated view of events.

But her methods of self-inspection and self-reflection are, in a contemporary sense, traditional in nature. She uses things like the collage, a mixture of artistic techniques on canvas and paper. The medium of the photograph, including her own photos, merely serve as raw material for the classical panel painting. Fiddling around with computer graphics is not her bag either. She needs to do manual work with the material, she needs a hands-on approach. In addition to the microcosm of the details depicted she needs the grand gesture of painting itself, of spontaneity and concealment.RUTH_Decollage on Canvas_140x100cm_2015_Erzsebet_Nagy_SAARANNA_Decollage on Canvas_170x100cm




Road_Photocollage on Paper_20x30cm 2014