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Overseas Symphony by Alfredus

The ocean is a universe that holds many mysteries.

It has always appealed to the human imagination. It is a world in itself, untameable because of its infinity but with an ecosystem weakened by mankind. It deserves our respect; some of its mythical dimensions of religious order or belonging to the domain of the scientist still escape us. It contains thousands of living species, from the biggest mammals to the smallest beings on the planet, from the most primitive to the most amazing.

If there still are unknown places on the Earth, it is indeed under the water, at the bottom of the seas, shielded from the tumults of the surface, 20 000 leagues under the Sea if I refer to Jules Verne’s imagination. It is indeed these dimensions that fascinate me. A visit in the deep blue seas is the promise of a poetic experience, of exploration and discoveries and of a feeling of maternal well-being. From an aesthetic point of view, we approach perfection with the variety of forms, the colours that become monochromic when the light is scarce. Sidereal peace sometimes accompanied by the thrill of depths urges us to forget the surface and hyper action (our oxygen) to abandon ourselves in this Fountain of Youth.

I use several mediums and different tools to try to translate the mood in which I find myself when I am under the sea, even though I feel that I can never express in a sensitive enough way this feeling of ecstasy… The search for aesthetics is of the utmost importance in the realization of my work. Then, through the medium of an allusion and in a subtle, more or less off-beat manner, I move from the original objective of the work to expose a fact that is very often related to mankind’s behavior towards this fragile world ; if tomorrow the living space of sea species disappears, where do you think they will find refuge ? certainly not on the surface…