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Painting by Alex Louisa

Painting by Alex Louisa.

I am a collector. I have a huge box of items that have been gathered through my wanderings – feathers, leaves, seedpods, lichen, shells, insects and bones – and I look forward to drawing and painting them all. By sharing the natural elements that captivate me the most, I hope to encourage everyone to take a closer look at their surroundings – whether it be a bird on a branch above their head, or the dried leaves beneath their feet – and to find the intricate details that may have previously evaded their eyes.

I have found that I like to take something very small, and represent it at a much larger scale so these details can really be exposed.  By experimenting with a combination of soft-focus and highly detailed areas, I can draw the viewer’s eye to the area that captivates me most, like the tiny layered feathers on the wing of bird no larger than your thumb.

And it is always feathers that captivate me the most. My first word was “bird,” and I have been enamoured with the creatures ever since.

She Hides Within,Painting by Alex Louisa

To Have and To Hold (2014)


Brown Honeyeater on Turquoise


Hush No.3

Brisbane-based Alex Louisa graduated with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing, before the need to create firmly pulled her attention back to her art. Having worked as a graphic artist for eight years, she now focuses solely on her personal work.

In 2008 she had her first solo exhibition at Jugglers Art Space in Brisbane, and has been involved in a number of group shows throughout Australia since then. Her work is now reaching an international audience as a member ofthe PRISMA Collective, showing with a selection of 30 artists from around the world. Her work has been published in Curvy and Semi-Permanent.

Often experimenting with mixed media, especially in the backgrounds of her works, Alex mainly works with drawing materials or oils, currently with a shift towards larger works. She focuses on elements of the natural world that grab her attention – discovering the intricacies of a leaf or flower, or trying to capture an animal’s individual personality, especially those of the avian kind.

Alex grabs every moment she can to work on her artwork, throwing herself into her painting or drawing any moment that her young twin boys are asleep.