Painting by Artist Kip Omolade

Kip Omolade

Born in Harlem, NY Kip Omolade began his art career as a graffiti artist while interning at Marvel Comics and The Center for African Art. He continued his studies at The Art Students League of New York and earned a BFA at the School of Visual Arts. His work is available directly or through Opera Gallery Hong Kong and Opera Gallery Singapore. Via

Kip Omolade Diovadiova Chrome Karyn IV KipOmoladeDiovadiovaChromeDiana

KipOmoladeDiovadiovaChromeI KipOmoladeDiovadiovaChromeJanderieII KipOmoladeDiovadiovaChromeJanderieIII KipOmoladeDiovadiovaChromeJoyceII KipOmoladeDIovadiovaChromeKaryn KipOmoladeDiovadiovaChromeKarynI KipOmoladeDiovadiovaChromeKittyCashI KipOmoladeDiovadiovaChromeKittyCashII KipOmoladeDiovadiovaChromeMichelle KipOmoladeDiovadiovaChromeMichelleIII KipOmoladeDiovadiovaChromeTiaI

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